Magic by Elias

About Elias

Elias starting performing as a magician on his fifth Christmas, 1989. He didn’t ask Santa for anything in relation to magic. Elias’s main inquiry with Santa that year was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. However, after a lot of practice and performing for his immediate family and extended family at holiday functions, it began to feel more natural throughout his early years. He continued putting on small mini-shows for his cousins, friends, and local neighborhood kids whenever he could. Along with magic, Elias also had a big interest in airplanes and aviation. This phenomenon also made him extremely interested in learning how the big time magicians made their assistants levitate on command.

Elias’s motivation for magic entrepreneurship really sparked when he was in 7th grade of middle school. Those were the days when David Blaine stole the spotlight in magic on television and created a new, hip genre of magic called Street Magic. This type of performance fascinated Elias to no end. He thought it was an ingenious and clever move to make such amateur recordings in front of real spectators. It instantly built credibility. Elias then began trying out his repertoire on the streets too. Elias landed his first corporate gig at the age of 14.​

Now, in his thirties, Elias has performed in 34 different U.S. states, entertained thousands in large venues to audiences including corporate clients, high schools and universities, professional sports stadiums, trade shows, upscale restaurants and resorts, and various clubs.Today, Elias specializes in unique magic / illusion entertainment. Either in a theater, auditorium, club, or up-close in person, Elias’s arsenal of original, modern, and insane effects have the raised the bar of magic to a new uncharted height. He has invested the remainder of his life in this art for good.