Magic by Elias



Strolling Magic is also known as ‘cocktail’, ‘walk around’, ‘roving’, and ‘roaming’ magic. It works best in large open areas such as receptions, cocktail parties, galas, corporate events, house parties, and all in between. Elias will work the room, strolling from group to group or table to table, introducing himself to your guests, hitting them with a blend of charm, humor and incredible close up miracles, inches from their eyes. 


This type of entertainment is an incredible ice breaker to the event and engages the guests in a non-intrusive way. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of amazement.



"My clients were so impressed with Elias! I too was impressed with his quick response and flexibility. We booked this gig with less than 36 hours to the event. Elias is fantastic and very talented. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for entertainment for a party"
Michele Hahn
Gren with Envy Events
"Elias's performance was amazing! I was blown away by his act and so were all of my guests. He was on time, performed beyond his scheduled hour and was great to work with. Elias's performance was perfect for our event and I would recommend him without hesitation to any personal or corporate event. Two thumbs up, A+++ Thanks Elias!"
Nate Tile
VP of Business Development | York Revolution
"Elias was awesome at our company Christmas party. Most of his tricks were card tricks and very appropriate for the audience. His illusions were rock solid and he had my guests talking and clapping throughout the evening. In fact, it is Monday and we are back in the office and we are STILL talking about Elias! I highly recommend him for any event!"
Mary Loreto
A&L Doors

If your guests are seated around a table, then Elias will give them their own mini illusion show, with lots of audience participation and engagement. Or if your guests are broken off into little sub groups, Elias will mingle with them and warm them up with impossible sleight of hand, fire magic, $1 bills changing into $100 dollar bills…no platform or stage necessary!

Your guests won’t know what hit them. 

Is there someone special you would like Elias to focus on? Or perhaps the guest of honor a VIP at the event. Just point them out and watch Elias make their jaws drop.

Your guests will have such a fun and memorable time that they’ll be talking about it for next few weeks or even months!